Seniors Unsettled

The cost of living in Metro Vancouver is higher than ever, and people are struggling to find homes that match their budget.

Cost is a factor for students and adults, but also for seniors. Yet, seniors with fixed incomes (such as pensions), or financial barriers can have difficulty affording the inflated prices.

The 2018 B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card shows that there are currently more seniors living in poverty in British Columbia than any other province in Canada. Over 8% of BC’s seniors have to deal with poverty

and/or homelessness issues, while only 6% of other seniors across the country face the same reality.

You can find the whole digital documentary here.

Circle Craft Market: A long Standing Tradition

Over the last weekend Circle Craft held their 45th annual craft market at the Vancouver Convention Center. This place has become very popular as a kind of Christmas market even though it takes place over Remembrance day long-weekend. Over 300 vendors exhibit their various wares and engage with a growing community of artists, designers and chefs.


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The Greatest Stress and the Greatest Rest

Back in February I went to Japan for 2 weeks. I got to see Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Nara and Kobe. It was the trip of a lifetime but I really was amazed at some of the small things I noticed. It should come as no surprise to most people, who have even the most basic understanding of Japan, that it’s a busy place. In Japan’s Urban centers it’s wall-to-wall chaos but it’s organized chaos.

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The Real Beauty of False Creek

I was walking through downtown Vancouver and I decided that I would walk all the way home to Strathcona by way of False Creek. This past Saturday felt like the brisk first day of fall even though we are closer to Winter. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and people were out in droves. I saw the regular crowd along the false creek bike path of cyclists and joggers but there were far more people just out for a stroll.


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Save Our Horchata!

The Pacific North West is home to some amazing taco restaurants but recently I have noticed that horchata, one of the best things about them, is slowly disappearing. Horchata is a wonderful beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tigernuts (chufas), or melon seeds. Recently, Some of my favorite places have either altered or removed horchata from their menus. Los Agaves Market in Seattle’s Pike Place and Tacomio in Vancouver.

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