Radio Production

Grouse Grind stories for NEWS 1130

Three versions of a radio story about the opening of the Grouse Grind trail on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.

Played on May 2, 2019 on NEWS 1130.

Simpsons stories for News 1130

These Stories aired on Sunday April 28, 2019 on News 1130am.

These were my first stories to go to air for a major broadcast station.

BC Sports Magazine

On this week's edition of BC Sports Magazine Jason Manois and Kareem Gouda are are at the helm. Jason will be charging at students with his NBA hot takes and seeing their reactions. Kareem will have a new segment where he'll dive into the overlooked sports at UBC and --- wait, online?

Our featured voice this week is the new Coach of the BC White Caps, Marc Dos Santos.

BC Sports Magazine - Feb 28

Radio Documentary: Field House of Dreams

This documentary follows my co-producer Sean Murphy and I to Cloudscape Comics. We were on a quest to find out where many local comics come from. We met with Jeff Ellis, studio manager and communications director of Cloudscape. He showed us around and talked with us about how they came to occupy this heritage fieldhouse in the middle of South Memorial Park.

The story revolves around the history of Cloudscape and an unlikely partnership between, according to Jeff Elllis, "a ramshackle collective of comic book artists” and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. The full website is available here.

Field House of Dreams: a Short Radio Documentary

Local Stories

A series of local stories that I worked on for Evolution 107.9 News. All stories have gone to air.

Local Stories

Tax Clinic Story

Heather Campbell is a volunteer with the kettle friendship society. Recently a client herself, she's now helping people living with mental health issues or in low income status to file their taxes and eliminate one of the most stressful parts of the year.

Tax clinic Story

Bus Streeters

TransLink says after a successful pilot program, it will add double-decker buses to its fleet beginning in mid 2019. I wanted to get some reactions to the prospect of double decker buses coming to the lower mainland so I recorded and mixed this package on my phone. This whole thing, from start to finish took about 15 min. I had a lot of fun with this.

Bus Streeters

CBC Mayoral debate: Housing Streeters 1

These streeters were played during the CBC coverage of the Vancouver mayoral debate.


It's the 47th annual Circle Craft Market and there many who attend from all across the country. Some, However, are concerned that the market's demographic scales too old. Full story on the right. 

Is The Circle Craft Fair for Older People?

This was my first group assignment for intro to radio at BCIT. I think it came off pretty well and it's also pretty funny.

Group Radio assignment

Super Mario Odyssey Story

Super Mario Odyssey was released on October 27th, 2017 to almost universal acclaim. I went to a local game store to cover the release and the records this new game is already setting. Full story on the right.

Super Mario Odyssey Story

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