What Photography Means To Me

I've always been interested in taking pictures. It always felt like a sort of visual diary. If I were to take a trip, I'd always remember it more vividly if I also took great pictures. Now that I'm working in a journalistic capacity I can turn this hobby into a part of my work. Learning to take good pictures will take me a lifetime but by looking at them, seeing what works and what doesn't will help to improve. 

Slide Show - BCIT Visual Fundamentals

"Scale" Themed Photographs

This album is a collection of twelve photos that I took that reflect the many different interpretations of "Scale." All things to do with size and shape are featured here. My favorite picture is the juxtaposition of the two trains passing each other. These photos were taken in Japan and Vancouver.

Visual Fundamental Portraits

Black and White Portraits

This album is a collection of portraits that I took of interesting people from Seattle, Nara and Vancouver. They are in black and white in order to create a sense of timeless humanity and to focus on the form. Many of these pictures feature both human and animal. I didn't set out to do it in this way, but people with their pets seem to convey more about the person than a mere picture of their face. In the future I'm hoping to take more photos of people juxtaposed with animals.

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