Audio Editing

Edited and Mixed Audio

In announcing and radio I had the chance to practice developing a newscast and putting it all together. we mixed audio and layered music with our own voices to create something that sounded like a real news story. It was all practice but it is helpful for understanding time constraints, pacing, speaking and editing.

This was a practice newscast I did to help me learn how to properly speak on mic. It served as an assignment and I also re-listen to it for help on how I can consistently improve.

Practice Newscast

This sportscast was a little outside my comfort zone. In sports announcing it is important to appropriately capture to tone and to bring excitement if the story calls for it. 

Practice Sportscast

This TV Package was used to practice setting up voice -overs. This file would then be mixed with the interviews and ambient sound to produce the story.

TV Newscast

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